Snow Blowers Overview

I created this site in 2010 to help people decide which snow blower (thrower) would be the best for them. Since then, it appears that several new machines have come onto the market or have increased their sales to such a degree that they are now amongst the top selling snow throwers.

When it comes to snow blowers for yard use, there is the choice between, electric powered or gas powered and with this gas powered category you have the single stage and twin stage snow blowers.  Two stage gas snow blowers differ from the single stage blowers in that they also have a screw in the chute to better throw the snow away from the machine,

From my research, unless you have a large yard or very long driveway of greater than 150 ft then a decent sized electric snow blower is probably what you should be looking to buy.  Electric snow throwers are lighter, start at the pull of a lever and make a lot less noise than their gas counterparts.

Selection of a snow blower is similar to the selection of a lawn mower in the the size and difficulty of the job in hand is the overriding factor.  Buy a machine too large for the job and you will struggle turning it in the space and too small and you will be clearing the snow for longer than you want and probably destroy the snow blower into the bargain

What I have done now is to divide the snow blowers reviewed by manufacturer and also by the way they are powered, so you can now browse all snow blowers reviews on the main page, select from the relevant manufacturer or from the electric snow blowers or gas snow blowers category from the menu’s down the right hand side of the page.